P ARIS , F r ance BEIJING , China C O L OGNE , Germany HAN O VER , Germany BERLIN , Germany W ARS A W , P oland VILNUIS , Lithuania R Ē ZEKNE , L a tvia MOS C O W , R ussia K AZAN , R ussia OMSK , R ussia ULAANBA AT AR , Mongolia S T A R T ALBANY. Australia ESPERANCE, Australia PERTH, Australia NORESMAN, Australia PORT AUGUSTA, Australia ADELAIDE, Australia MELBOURNE, Australia BRISBANE, Australia INVERCARGILL, New Zealand QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand HAAST, New Zealand INANGHUA, New Zealand WELLINGTON, New Zealand AUCKLAND, New Zealand ANCHOR A GE , Alas k a WHITEHORSE , Y u k on EDMON T ON , Albe r ta MIN O T , No r th Da k ota MINNEAPOLIS , Minnesota GREEN B A Y , Wisconsin MONTREAL , Quebec HALI F AX , Nova Scotia LISBON , P o r tugal MADRI D , Spain BILB A O , Spain BORDE A UX , F r ance P ARIS , F r ance FINISH

A leap into the unknown

Adventurer and broadcaster Mark Beaumont is attempting to pedal his way into the history books, by cycling 18,000 miles around the World in 80 Days - smashing an astonishing 43 days off the current Guinness World Record.

In an epic journey, which will re-define the limits of human endurance, Mark plans to show what is possible when you dare to dream.

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The Challenge: In Numbers

hours cycling every day
miles a day
miles in total

He’s off

Mark’s epic journey begins in Paris at 4am on Sunday July 2.

City streets will quickly turn into quieter roads as he makes his way through the French countryside into Germany, passing near Hanover and Berlin.

Crossing the border into Poland he will pedal through the Warsaw region before heading across parts of Lithuania.

After that he’s into Latvia and then faces a long cycle through part of Russia, then into Mongolia and finally China where he flies out of Beijing and into Australia.

Keep going!

Touching down in Perth, Australia, Mark will make speedy progress across the country getting his head down and powering through some strong headwinds, passing near Albany and Melbourne before flying out of Brisbane to New Zealand’s South Island.

He will then make his way through the country, leaving from Auckland and jetting into Alaska for the next leg of his epic cycle.

Nearly there!

This stage will see Mark cycle between Anchorage, Alaska, in the US and Halifax in Canada, passing through North Dakota, Minnesota and Quebec before he flies out of Nova Scotia for the fourth and final stage in his 80 Day challenge.

The end’s in sight

Landing in Lisbon, Mark will leap on this bike and make speedy progress through Portugal and into Spain and then cross the border into France with a final push to Paris – right back to where he began. Phew!