For Schools

Reach for the stars

To involve schoolchildren across the world with his great adventure, Mark has teamed up with Twinkl Educational Publishing, which provides a complete range of teacher created, engaging and inspiring teaching materials to support learning around the world . 

Together they have put together lessons and activities to be taught to more than 30m pupils across the Globe based around Mark’s trip.

This includes:

  • Personal Goal setting activities: encouraging children to write down a list of their goals and how they are going to achieve them.
  • Resource Support activity: biometric tests such as working out how many calories Mark will burn every day.
  • Reactive: Developing content around Mark’s experiences, such as changing political situations, artwork of interest or archaeological sites he might pass on his route.

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“I want to help young people to build the confidence to take on their big ideas, by building experience and taking small steps, so breaking down any mental barriers.”